Q&A with Brueggemann #2: New Trajectories

QAAlexander Holmes-Brown asked:

“What is the most interesting and provocative new horizon in OT studies that you’ve seen recently?”

Brueggemann’s response:

“I am intrigued with the canonical shape of the Psalms. I think we have much work to do there. And I think attention to the multi-voiced character of the text is a huge pastoral resource.”

On a related note, James Prather asked:

“Recently it’s been popular to lay out the entire Hebrew Bible in terms of the Combat Myth…What do you think about this move?”

Brueggemann’s response:

“I think it is worth pursuing. We have known for a long time that it is in the early myths and reappears in the late apocalyptic texts. I think current films indicate the pertinence of the topic for us.”

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  1. James Prather says:

    Cool! Dr. Brueggemann responded to my question! That’s legit. Thanks for doing this, Josh.