Book Giveaway: Truth Speaks to Power

Truth_Speaks_to_Power_TTCThe good folks at The Thoughtful Christian have agreed to give away ten copies of Brueggemann’s latest book, Truth Speaks to Power.

Leave a comment on this blog post – not the Facebook page – to be entered. (When you submit a comment, you are required to submit your email address. That address won’t be publicly viewable, but it’s how we’ll contact you if you win.) Winners will be selected randomly from all comments received.

Entries must be received by 11:59 pm eastern time Thursday night.

Comments & Responses

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  1. Patrick Marshall says:

    First comment! I should win one for that alone!

  2. Doug Jantz says:

    Walter has been a needed influence in my life and study since about 1 ½ years ago when I heard him and met him. He is deep, consistent and very applicable. I actually just bought this book but would be glad to have another copy to give to someone as a gift! Well worth it to pass this on!!

  3. Pablo Salinas says:

    Would really love to add this to my library and consciousness!

  4. Alan Miller says:

    Thank you for providing the opportunity to receive a copy of “Truth Speaks to Power.” All of my experience with Dr Brueggemann’s work has be beneficial. Blessings!

  5. Mary Mowdy says:

    Had the good fortune of meeting and hearing Dr. Bruggemann in Norman, OK in April, 2013. He’s a great example of a human who has taken his natural talents and mined and developed them to create exquisite gifts for the rest of us. Missed the opportunity to buy the book in April We’re watching a video series he’s in in my sunday school class now. I am hooked.

  6. Kevin says:

    Help! I’m poor but I love books and have a huge theological man-crush on Walter Brueggemann!

  7. I have been waiting for this latest of Brueggemann’s books to come out. My all time favorite is the ever popular — The Prophetic Imagination. I know his latest book will add to some well-worn pages that get referenced and read over and over again.

  8. Doug Browne says:

    Thank you for being willing to do this!

  9. Scott Little says:

    Having enjoyed Walter Brueggemann for over the years I cannot wait to read his new book. I was introduced to him while in school at The University of the South, School of Theology.

  10. Ezekiel Tan says:

    We are always to be contestants for truth.

  11. Rob says:

    Love this author’s work.

  12. Maggie Geller says:


  13. I’ve recently discovered Walter and his books and I can’t wait to read more. This book would an excellent addition to my library.

  14. Andrew says:

    I have listened to Walter many times, but have not read him yet. I left the faith 2 years ago, but Walter is one theological speaker (of few) that I still listen to….

  15. Sara says:

    I hope I win a copy! This looks like a great book!

  16. Cathy Mooney says:

    Dr Brueggemann’s book are always insightful and I look forward to reading this one.

  17. Fran Belden says:

    I’m working on some presentations and his book would definitely be an asset.

  18. John F. Lezada says:

    Everything about Professor WBrueggemann is worth one’s while. It’s like hearing echoes from Deep Time, but as relevant as ever,

  19. He is a prophet and poet for our time.

  20. Looking forward to hearing you when you are in Milwaukee Presbytery in September. I’m sure you will be a blessing to all who attend!

  21. Jordan says:

    I’ve long-admired Dr. Brueggemann and was able to hear him speak at an event back in 2011. He is an important voice in the Church and a great witness for the Gospel, particularly through his ability to wrestle with difficult passages and paradoxes present in Scripture as well as his ability to call on Christians to have a more authentic and honest faith. One important thing which comes through in most of his work is the conviction that faith is something that is lived out in everyday life and not just an abstract idea or theoretical concept. His book ‘Texts Under Negotiation’ was an especially important work for those of us who are considering what it means to be faithful and discerning interpreters of Scripture in contemporary contexts. As a seminary student and ministry leader, I would love to have this book, especially since I can’t afford it on my meager salary!

  22. Kathy says:

    Would love to read and share with others a copy of Walter Brueggemann’s latest book, “Truth Speaks to Power!”

  23. jay mannen says:

    I would win this free book.

  24. Trudy Betts says:

    Looking forward to another insightful & challenging read by Dr. Brueggemann.

  25. Sonnie Swenston says:

    I’m looking forward to reading Walter Brueggeman’s latest. Always thought provoking.

  26. Lee Ann Foster says:

    Love Walter Brueggeman!

  27. Levi Jones says:

    One of the first books I read during my theological education was Dr. Brueggemann’s Genesis from the Interpretation series. I have had the opportunity to read several more of his books and articles since then. His work has significantly changed my perspective on the Old Testament and the world. Having read him has not only made me a better theologian, but a better pastor. I am thankful for his work.

  28. Judy Moon says:

    Would love to read this book

  29. Michael Edwards says:

    It’s my lucky day–that book should be mine!

  30. I would love to receive this book. I am a lay liturgist / ritual writer, and am currently writing a station based formational exercise that uses themes from ‘Finally Comes the Poet’, and as well, am using the ‘Prophetic Imagination’ as a basis to re-examine the formational and communication processes in the liturgies and exercises I craft. Future endeavors include crafting and re-drafting liturgies and rituals with a more deliberate understanding between those mediums and activism…how they can serve to further and fuel activism; I would love to have this book as resource for that.

  31. George Kogan says:

    Since I live in Canada, I have not had the privilege of hearing Dr. Walter Brueggemann speak, but his exceptional writing was influential in shaping my interest in Old Testament studies during my undergraduate years. That interest has grown into vibrant passion. I would be immensely happy to read this new publication by Dr. Brueggemann.

  32. Chrystal Cook says:

    Looking forward to reading this. It would be an incredible gift to receive, empowering for life and work in a world where more truth needs to be spoken.

  33. Quentin Chin says:

    I still refer to Dr. Brueggemann’s book, Cadences from Home, as one of the best explanations for the rift which is so apparent in America today. It also provides excellent insights for the homiletic task to bridge this divide.

  34. Amy Shorner-Johnson says:

    I would love to receive a copy of this book! Would love to know his perspectives about power inside a higher Ed institution as well!

  35. Gail Doering says:

    Brueggeman always writes with truth AND power. Raw, insightful and fresh biblical perspectives. I hope I win this book.

  36. Dr. Bruggeman’s books and lectures were an important part of my journey back to Christianity. I’m forever grateful!

  37. Time Laufili says:

    Bruggemamm is one of the best scholars in the OT, thank God for this great man. I surely need this book please.

  38. Margaryta Teslina says:

    I want it… my precious…

  39. Jennifer Boyd says:

    Awed to Heaven, Rooted to earth is one of those books that compels, encourages and sustains me as I seek to live faithfully. I look forward to reading his ongoing prophetic words in this newest gift.

  40. Christopher Gill says:

    Brilliant biblical scholar. Loved his works The Prophetic Imagination, Texts that Linger, Words that Explode, An Essential Guide to Israel’s Worship, and Spirituality of the Psalms!!

  41. Sarah Flynn Erickson says:

    Walter is one of the most insightful writers and thinkers of our time. Learned so much in Hebrew Exegesis and Psalms courses with him. He was also one of the most pastoral professors on campus – I still have a couple hand-written notes he sent me. Would love to read this – and add to my collection.

  42. Laura says:

    I don’t usually take the time to sign up for giveaways… but for Dr. Brueggemann’s work, oh yes! Thanks for the opportunity.

  43. Jodi Koeman says:

    As others stated, I too have enjoyed and learned from many of dr. Bruggemann’s writings. Can’t wait to explore the truth speaking to power. What a great thing for the church to be exploring, has it lost its counter cultural roots?

  44. Stewart says:

    I am so excited to read his latest book. And might even find a way to incorporate it into a college course.

  45. Jim Nelson says:

    Any chance of my copy being autographed?

  46. David says:

    Can’t wait to read it!

  47. Mary Langer Thompson says:

    I first was introduced to Walter Brueggemann at a Humanities Psalm seminar in Oshgosh Wisconsin, summer of 1999. Dr. William Urbrock had The Message of The Psalms on his reading list and I loved his developmental approach and interpretation. I would love to read more of his work.

  48. David says:

    Can’t wait to read it

  49. Jeannie Johnson says:

    I had the privilege of hearing Dr. Brueggemann in person last year. I am hoping to win this, his newest book.

  50. Justin Dunn says:

    This is awesome! Would love a free WB book.

  51. Pilar says:

    One of the only people who currently speak Truth to Power. My prayer is that Powers and Principalities might listen and that I might be given the grace to see some of it happen!
    Bless you Walter for being salt and light.

  52. nelu says:

    What’s the catch? Walter’s work has been an inspiration for me and it helped me negotiate the stormy waters when my fundamentalist world view was challenged. His work still inspires me in my ministry today.

  53. bindert says:

    stil wondering if there is a dutch publisher who would like to publish one of Walter Bruegemanns books in dutch. In the meantime i will reasd his books in english. So i’m waiting for a copy 🙂

  54. Jeff Misener says:

    Dr. Brueggemann’s book on Psalms was a wonderful help to me for a seminary course I recently finished on the Psalter. He provided me with some very helpful categories for considering the OT songs.

  55. David Johnson says:

    Truth Speaks to Power is an interesting and intriguing title. It sounds almost like a pragmatic reimagining of The Prophetic Imagination.

  56. Keith says:

    I’d love a copy of this book!

  57. Alexander Holmes-Brown says:

    Walter Brueggemann has been the most important theological voice in my Christian journey. The Old Testament was virtually inaccessible for me before then. Truth Speak to Power sounds like a play on the Quaker slogan, and if Brueggemann has things to say about the politics of peace, I want to read it!

  58. Tim says:

    I’m a huge Brueggemann fan! I would love a copy of this book!

  59. tom durkin says:

    I read one of Brueggeman’s books ina seminary class and also enjoyed his particioation in the Living the Questions series. Looking forward to this new book.

  60. Richard K. MacMaster says:

    We’re looking forward to seeing Walter Brueggemann here in Gainesville at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church September 24-25.

  61. Andrew Bell says:

    Great author and theologian. Enjoy his work immensely.

  62. Karen Stepko says:

    I am a recent Lutheran seminary graduate very interesting in preaching. I appreciate Walter Bruggeman’s insights into both scripture, especially the Old Testament, and homiletics.

  63. Amos Bik says:

    I am an OT student, and one of my favorite autors is Walter Brueggemann. I really want to have it.

  64. Eric Karloski says:

    I’m skeptical of so many books, published so close together. How is it possible?

  65. Joe Davis says:

    would love to read the latest from brueggemann! #fingerscrossed

  66. Russell King says:

    Like Linus’ pumpkin patch, this comment is the most sincere — so it should win! I really do love Walter’s writing.

  67. Libby Inman says:

    Studied with Dr. Brueggemann in the late 80s, early 90s at Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, GA. His influence on my theology was profound!

  68. Will Norman says:

    I do love free books…

  69. Kathleen says:

    I really need to learn how to speak the truth to power without telling those in power what I really think about them.

  70. Brett Palmer says:

    Looks like another fantastic work by Walter Brueggemann. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  71. Irene E. Maliaman says:

    I need to win this. Thanks

  72. Carlos Gonzalez Weins says:

    Walter’s work on The Prophetic Imagination is outstanding. I thank Walter for his contribution and also congratulate him for the great year his beloved Cardinals are having. Looking forward to a possible Cardinals vs Yankees World Series. See you in the Bronx.

  73. Oliver says:

    Though I’ve read about him, that would be my first book of him. I’m all up for that.

  74. Richard Hair says:

    Walter Bruggemann has been a top notch Old Testament scholar for years. His tenacious pursuit of Israel’s story along with his imaginative approach to telling that story makes his approach unique. His work has been instrumental in my ministry, life and study.

  75. Susan Henry says:

    The much beloved minister of my church, Rev. Ed Searcy, was taught by Walter Brueggemann at Columbia. Dr. Brueggemann’s deep theology pervades Ed’s messages to us, and we are blessed for having been exposed to these two extraordinary Christian theologians. (I also saw Dr. Brueggemann speak at Regent College – what an amazing experience!)

  76. Lee Shores says:

    I need a great summer read, this could be it.

  77. L Brown says:

    Whatever Walter Brueggemann writes is inspiring! In fact I named my red mini-cooper, Walter after him

  78. Stephen Hill says:

    Hi – i love Walter’s writings – they are very pertinent for the contemporary society in which we find ourselves. I based my academic thesis on his work.

  79. Toby Hendrix says:

    I’d love to read this book!

  80. Suzanne Moseman says:

    Brueggemann is one of our wisest theologians. I love how he describes Jubilee justice as “finding out what belongs to whom and giving it back.”

  81. Jacob Sherman says:

    Please enter me in the contest. The new book looks amazing. I was given The Prophetic Imagination to read by a professor almost two decades and Bruggemann has been a traveling companion ever since.

  82. Margie Ford says:

    Truth speaks power as it sets us free. Free indeed!

  83. Valerio Bernardi says:

    Normally, what Brueggemann wrote is very interesting

  84. Scott Harris says:

    Anyone who has missed Brueggemann over the last twenty years needs to dig in an enjoy his insights. From his thinking about the Psalms, to his playfulness with imagination, to his analysis of exilic expression to whatever he has next to dish out – he is a “not to be missed” theologian.

  85. elizabeth boehm-wilson says:

    I’d love to add this book to my Brueggemann book collection. Thanks for the opportunity.

  86. It would be cool if I won this.

  87. I would love to win this book, which I plan to read even if I don’t win. [That won’t knock my chances out, will it?) Was first introduced to WB in classes at Eden Seminary, his old stomping grounds. I had the pleasure of hearing him preach at Samuel UCC in St. Louis when he came back for a former colleague’s anniversary. I have enjoyed his work and sharing it with members of my church in adult ed conversations.

  88. Michael Poole says:

    Unforgetable concept: The bible is a field of imagination where God invites us to imagine….

  89. Lindsay says:

    This is astounding!!! Oh, my fingers are crossed 🙂

  90. Jackie Askea says:

    Dr. Brueggemann’s books are used in many of the classes at my University or his work is quoted in the books of other scholars. He is a great asset to the building of the kingdom of of God. Jackie Askea-Atlanta