Truth Speaks to Power Week 3: Solomon

Truth_Speaks_to_PowerApologies for the delay on our end. We’re back on schedule!

Here are some questions and comments for reflection. As always, feel free to begin your own discussion as well.

  • What do you make of the link between Solomon and peace/shalom?
  • Why does Brueggeman insist that we be “suspicious of every new world order” (p. 47)?
  • What about the ironic elements of the Solomon story?
  • What about wisdom being tied to political assassinations?
  • How does Solomon act like a pharaoh?
  • “The failure of Solomonic power has theological roots” (p. 73).


Comments & Responses

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  1. Mary Langer Thompson says:

    Interesting that the traditional reading of Solomon is that he was a wise success. If we read beween the lines, he was only interested in accumulation and power.