Why Do You Read Brueggemann?

Brueggemann2Since its inception this year, this site has had close to 50,000 views and 200 comments. The Facebook page has over 5,000 fans. As if we didn’t know already, Walter Brueggemann has fans and readers throughout the world, and his influence extends far beyond even those who interact with this site.

With that in mind, we’d like to hear your story. How did you discover his work? What book(s) got you hooked? Are there some particular writings or lines of thought that have sustained, challenged, comforted, and/or disturbed you? See the posts from Rob Bell and Brian McLaren for examples.

If you want to share your story, send it to story@walterbrueggemann.com. Feel free to include your photo as well. Keep your length to 500 words.

Once we’ve received several, we’ll begin posting them here and on Facebook for other readers to see.

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  1. I discovered Walter Brueggemann at the Frankurter Bookfair, asking WJK to traslate the Interpretation Series. I read Genesis. An epiphania? I would say yes! After that we are translating Brueggemann as often as it is possible for the Italian market. After von Rad, in my view, Brueggemann! I met you briefly in Philadelphia, 2006, and this is my occasion to say you a warmly: THANKS!