Book Giveaway Contest: Reality, Grief, Hope

Reality_Grief_Hope2Our friends at Eerdmans Publishing are giving away ten free copies of Dr. Brueggemann’s newest book: Reality, Grief, Hope: Three Urgent Prophetic Tasks. (See excerpts we’ve published here and here.)

To be entered in the contest, use the embedded widget below by Tuesday at midnight central time. Winners will be announced a few days later. We will also announce a promotional discount for those who didn’t win but would still like to purchase the book.

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Comments & Responses

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  1. Walter Brueggemann is one of the greatest prophetic voices of our time, and it would be a blessing to win his new book!

  2. I’ve been a Brueggemaniac since I encountered The Prophetic Imagination as an undergraduate. I’m always eager to read his latest.

  3. Jared Runck says:

    I think Walter Brueggemann is one of the most original voices in Old Testament studies speaking today; I always find his works bracing.

  4. Nathan Kline says:

    Love Brueggeman’s Prophetic Imagination, so of course I want to read more!

  5. Matt Hartley says:

    Brueggemann has his finger on the pulse of American culture and deep insight into the God who leads us within it

  6. Doug says:

    Because he is a fine author and I like his books.

  7. Sarah Erickson says:

    What I learned about exegesis – Hebrew and otherwise – I learned from Dr. Brueggemann. A good bit of my practice as an educator is grounded in his work in Creative Word: Canon As a Model for Biblical Education. Besides being an esteemed scholar, he is one of the most pastoral professors/colleagues I had. I hear his voice when I read his work – and need to hear his voice as I read THIS volume.

  8. Joe Bayless says:

    Walter Bruggemann is a great scholar. A free book would be Much appreciated

  9. I own nearly 20 of Dr. Brueggeman’s books. I can confidently say this one is one I’m most eagerly anticipating. As I begin to unpack the OT for personal study there just isn’t anyone I would rather study than Dr. Brueggemann.

  10. Will Norman says:

    one book closer to the full WB catalogue would make me happy, and free would my wife happy too!

  11. After listening to WB on NPR’s On Being, I can’t get enough.

  12. I love Walter Brueggemann

  13. Shelley says:

    I find Walter Brueggemann’s writing compelling in pastoral and prophetic ways. I am a VA chaplain and I would love to use insights from this books in my work with Veterans who struggle deep within to find hope and healing.

  14. Brueggemann is the man!

  15. Aaron Carr says:

    Bruggeman’s understanding of the prophetic task (to both unsettle old paradigms and energize people into the kingdom) has dramatically shaped the way I minister. I would love to see how he develops the prophetic task in this new volume.

  16. Mark Wendland says:

    Brueggemann is one of the few biblical scholars around who is willing to dirty his hands to bring Old Testament texts to life for us today. He does it in a way that neither sacrifices scholarship or becomes accusative. I’ve never been disappointed by anything I’ve read that he has written.

  17. Zachary Orosco says:

    I’d love to read a copy of this! Sure will contain lots of insight and wisdom!

  18. Suzanne Moseman says:

    Reality and grief are obvious to the prophetic spirit. Hope can be elusive. But Brueggemann always seems to find that spark of hope where the world sees only darkness.

  19. Sarah says:

    Because I am intimately acquainted with Reality and Grief and am fighting my hardest to build a strong relationship with Hope

  20. I am researching and writing on Healing Spiritual Wounds. Facing Reality, Dealing with Grief and Finding Hope are key components in the healing process of these Wounds, this book will be a great resource.

  21. Sherri Hughes-Empke says:

    I am recently ordained to Transitional Deaconate; awaiting ordination on June 29th. I use Brueggemann’s book for several spirituality groups and as a certified chaplain I do considerable grief work with individuals and groups. Another chaplain and I do a group on healing: name the pain, feel it, tame the shame,and then claim the gain from working through the pain of grief into the role of a wounded healer. It is a wonderful journey and I would like to have Walter Brueggemann’s book to enhance our re
    treat weekends. Thank you for your wonderful work on theology and scripture interpretation.

  22. Johannes says:

    As a lay student in college, disoriented and somewhat dismayed with what religion had turned to in my life, Brueggemann changed the way I read the Bible and engaged with God. His work has challenged me on every front, and helped me wrestle with faith in a refreshing way everyday. I am truly grateful for the voice he provides in scholarship and theology, and for his ability to speak in refreshing ways to both scholars who have spent their entire lives studying theology and a lay student like myself.

  23. joe d says:

    I’ve never read a book by Walter Brueggemann that was not profoundly insightful and challenging. The world is so full of grief and violence; I would love to hear Brueggemann’s voice on how we are to live within this reality as God’s people.

  24. John Mark says:

    Who wouldn’t want the latest book from Brueggemann? I would love to have a copy.

  25. Chris Henderson says:

    I had professor who loved Walter’s work and eventually got me to look into it. Now I can’t put it down!

  26. Mark Copley says:

    I’ve enjoyed Dr, Brueggemann’s work for years and look forward to reading his new book!

  27. Liz says:

    Would love to read Brueggemann’s latest. I found the excerpts intriguing and can’t wait to read more … whether I win the book or purchase it!

  28. Seth Cotton says:

    I would like to win this book because I use a lot of Brueggemann’s work in my work on Lament, Grief, Death, Dying, and Community.

  29. Ted Goshorn says:

    Brueggemann always gives such good and relevant perspective to the ministry I do.

  30. Luke Wright says:

    Love me some Brueggs.

  31. Tracy Fitzgerald says:

    The Prophetic Imagination changed the way I read and understand scripture and conduct my life. Love Brueggemann.

  32. Bo Eberle says:

    I have been a fan of Dr. Bruggemann for a long time and had several opportunities to see him speak around Cincinnati, always inspiring.

  33. Rob Hadding says:

    Looking forward to reading this.

  34. Drew Downs says:

    I would love to win the new book! Right now, these are two areas I am most interested in: grief and hope: as serving the church in leadership is hard. And these are ever present in the zeitgeist.

  35. MG says:

    Everything rides on hope. I imagine this book will help me…

  36. Molly Moore says:

    I am so appreciative of how Breuggemann can connect the every day and the holy together. His words have often reflected my heart when I have been at a loss for words. I cannot wait to add this book to my stack of “go to” books, as I know it will have words in it that will connect with many.

  37. Holly McClain says:

    I read the Prophetic Imagination and was inspired. I cannot wait to read another of Walter Brueggemann’s books.

  38. Joshua Watson says:

    I love Walt’s books! Can’t wait to read this one (whether I win it or not)!

  39. cliff krcha says:

    Brueggy is today’s Isaiah!

  40. Jeff Luchun says:

    I first heard the Dr. at the 2012 Justice Conference and haven’t looked back!

  41. JANE VELLA says:

    THANK YOU, Walter!

    I am “eating lean and praying hard” and reading lots!