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All Souls Fellowship, Decatur, GA

19 Theses (Sept. 2004)

Baylor Univ./Truett Theological Seminary: Winter Pastors School (Feb. 2010)

Prophetic Preaching: Session 1*

Prophetic Preaching: Session 2*

Prophetic Preaching: Session 3*

Prophetic Preaching: Session 4*

Beyondering Podcast (Oct. 2015)

Episode 4: Beyond, Behind, and Between the Text

Calvin Theological Seminary: Center for Excellence in Preaching

The Risks of Truth-Telling: A Sermon from Acts 1 (date unknown)

Cornerstone Community

Provoked to Newness: The Responsibilities of Newness (Aug. 2012)

Provoked to Newness: Orientation, Disorientation, Reorientation (Oct. 2012)

Cringe Podcast (Dec. 2014)


Eastern Mennonite University: School for Leadership Training (Jan. 2012)

Conflict from Above: The Drive for Accumulation

Conversation #1

Conflict from Below: The Possibility of Astonished Gratitude

Conversation #2

Sabbath as a Means of Transition from Anxious Scarcity to Grateful Abundance

Episcopal Church of the Redeemer

Sermon (Feb. 2010)

Class Part 1 (March 2010)

Class Part 2 (March 2010)

Festival of Homiletics

Audio from all years available for purchase here

Forest Hill Presbyterian Church (June 2015)

Who Knew?

Fund for Theological Education: Calling Cast

The Chosen and the Choosing


Do You Trust God’s Abundance? (Jan. 2007)

Extended Interview (Jan. 2007)

Highland Baptist Church

The Touch of Abundance (July, 2012)

Holden Village Audio Archive

Enculturation of the Church Part 1 (1975)

Enculturation of the Church Part 2 (1975)

Enculturation of the Church Part 3 (1975)

Fireside Chat with Helmut Thielicke (1975)

Homebrewed Christianity

The Prophetic Imagination for Our Political Situation (Oct. 2008)

Brueggemann’s Guide to the Bible (Nov. 2012)

Laurel Heights UMC Season of Renewal (August 2016)

Extraction and an Economy of Restoration (Part 1) (Part 2)

Faithful God/Faithful Folk

Mars Hill Church (Grand Rapids, MI)

Sunday Sermon: Isaiah and the Mission of the Church (July 2008)

On Being (NPR)

The Prophetic Imagination of Walter Brueggemann (Dec. 2011)

Regent College: Laing Lectures (Oct. 2008)

The Church in Joyous Obedience: Biblical Expositions (links to page to purchase downloads)

Saint Timothy’s Episcopal Church (Sept. 2017)

Exodus: Sermon*

Seminary Dropout

Podcast Interview: Reality, Grief, Hope (Sept. 2014)

SPU Center for Biblical & Theological Education

The Alternative World of the Psalms (Mar. 2013)

Sylvania United Church of Christ (Jan. 2014)

Chidester Lecture Series

Session 1

Session 2

Sunday Sermon: Talking and Walking with an Open Ear

Trinity Wall Street

Trinity Institute Lectures 2011 Plenary* (Jan. 2011)

Washington National Cathedral

How to Read the Bible* (May 2009)

When Love Vetoes Fear* (May 2009)

WJK Radio

Interview re: Journey to the Common Good (Apr. 2010)

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