Truth Speaks to Power: The Countercultural Nature of Scripture

Truth_Speaks_to_PowerTruth Speaks to Power: The Countercultural Nature of Scripture

Westminster John Knox, 2013.

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  1. Suzanne Hesh says:

    Dr. Brueggemna rocks the Gospel!

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  3. I would be pleased to receive a copy of Walter’s book as he and I were at Eden Seminary at the same time, not in the same class. I remember him being in the library at all hours, and even napping on occasion. Great scholar and teacher. I wish him well.

  4. […] make nature expendable and insist that humans are disposable. In Brueggemann’s book Truth Speaks to Power he attests to this phenomenon asserting, “[The] Christian faith has largely retreated to private, […]

  5. I’ve been a fan of Walter’s for many years and note that he comes from the mostly same background as the Niebuhr’s with an equal contribution to the understanding of the Old Testament. He is a product of the German Evangelical Synod of the West at a time when the word, “Evangelical” had not been misused by the more conservative fundamentalist churches today.

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  7. […] is how truth speaks to power, I thought. It is diplomatic and wise. It does not underestimate the opposition. It does its […]