Q&A with Brueggemann #1: Why Pray?

QASuzanne Stewart asked:

“Why pray?”

Brueggemann’s response:

“We pray because our life comes from God and we yield it back in prayer. Prayer is a great antidote to the illusion that we are self-made.”

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  1. Phil Hobson says:

    We pray because we cannot do this on our own.

  2. Dave Detamore says:

    It’s good to keep in touch with God!

  3. Paulo says:

    We pray because, if nothing else, praying makes us feel safer, more centered, better, less troubled, perhaps, it even gives us the illusion that an all-powerful deity can somehow help us?

  4. Chuck Miller says:

    Walter, That is a helpful response. Thanks.

    See you next week in Nashville, for the festival of homiletics.

  5. June Thompson says:

    We pray because He is our only hope and sometimes we want to say we love Him and Thank Him for all we have.

    • Curtis says:

      Thank you. For me and my house we go with your answer. It was attractive and inviting like the relational ” Our Father…” found in the Lord’s prayer. Interesting about those disciples then and there. Their concern seemed to be how to pray. We, forever at a distance to all subjects ask why? You have clearly found the warmth and seem drawn to the Father in gratitude and joy. I choose to follow your lead. Again, Thank you.

  6. Scott Webber says:

    I pray in order to keep centered, humble and to keep the pathway of love open.

  7. David Chapman says:

    As always, Walter, you never fail to provoke. Reflecting on a lecture you gave at my seminary (Bethel) back in 1981 (or so!), I would add that we pray because we must risk articulating our pain back to God–that is, we must learn to say, “ouch”–just as we have a need to articulate our sense of wonder–that is, we are compelled to say, “wow.” The degree to which we are intentional, even disciplined, about these articulations is the degree to which we grow in our relationship to God.

  8. Kate says:

    We pray because it is in conversation with God that we learn to find our place in the God’s story. We pray because we are not alone and we are not lost. In prayer, we locate God, ourselves and our neighbors–we learn that we are all part of the narrative.

  9. Maribeth Trueblood says:

    It seems like lawlessness and corruption are prevailing. Other than crying out to God, what perspective should we have? When we are actually witnessing the OT type disasters, what should be our focus?