Truth Speaks to Power Reading Group

Truth_Speaks_to_PowerFor the next several weeks, we’ll read through Walter’s new book, Truth Speaks to Power, together. Each Monday, there will be a new post to prompt discussion, which will take place in the comments section of that post. You’re also encouraged to post quotes and thoughts to twitter with the hashtag #TruthSpeaks.

Make sure to read ahead so you can begin posting your thoughts on the dates noted below:

  • August 12: Introduction
  • August 19: Chapter 1 – Truth Speaks to Power: Moses
  • August 26: Chapter 2 – Visible Power, Truth Cunningly Subversive: Solomon
  • September 3 (delayed 1 day for Labor Day): Chapter 3 – Truth Has Its Day: Elisha
  • September 10: Chapter 4 – Truth Transforms Power: Josiah
  • September 17: Chapter 5 – Power and Truth among Us

If you don’t have your copy yet, click here to see some ways to purchase the book. Check back on Monday, August 12 for our first post and discussion.

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